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Here you will find information that you should be aware of before using moneysandi.com. It should be read in addition to our ‘Terms & Conditions’.

We publish information not advice

Everything we publish is thoroughly researched. We present financial and investment information and will on occasion express our opinion on these. The information provided throughout our website is not and cannot ever be intended either as investment, financial, tax, legal advice or otherwise.

We provide a platform for analysing and discussing general and generic information related to stocks, investments and strategies. However, information contained in our publications is not, and should not be read as, an offer or recommendation to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer or recommendation to buy or sell any securities. We do not provide personalised recommendations or views as to whether a stock or investment approach is suited to the financial needs of a specific individual.

You are responsible for your own investments

You acknowledge that you use the information we provide at your own risk. We do not accept any liability for any loss which is incurred from you acting or not acting as a result of reading any information published by moneysandi.com.

Perform your own research

You should not make any investment decision solely on the basis of the information that we publish. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. The information we provide is not tailored to specific needs and requirements. Before making investments, you should seek out professional financial advice and/or independently research information yourself.

Verify facts & data

Our publications are well researched and we believe facts & data to be accurate and complete. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information we publish. Opinions may also change over time. Any opinions that we publish may be wrong and may change at any time.  You should always carry out your own independent verification of facts and data before making any investment decisions.

User Generated Content

Some of the content on this site is user-generated and therefore difficult to monitor effectively. We are not liable to and do not select, monitor, edit, modify review, evaluate or otherwise oversee the information or the publication of the information on this website. We therefore will not be liable, whether in contract or otherwise, in respect of any damage, expense or other loss you may suffer arising out of such information or any reliance you may place upon such information. Any arrangements between you and any 3rd party contacted via the Website are at your sole risk.

Investment risks & warnings

The value of shares and dividends can fall as well as rise. Any information relating the to past performance of an investment or investment service is not a guide to future performance. Share prices may go down as well as up and you may not get back the original amount invested. You should not buy shares with money you cannot afford to lose.


When content is published about a company and the writer own shares or has a beneficial interest in that company, that fact will be disclosed in the article. However, historic articles will not be updated, so any disclosure represents the relationship between the company and the writer at the time the article was written.

Consider using a Professional Financial Advisor

Moneysandi.com is not a registered investment adviser and we do not provide investment advice or recommendations. We are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. If you are unsure of any investment decision you should seek a professional financial advisor.