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Best Performing Investment Trusts of 2019

As you can see by the table below the top performing Investment trust, ‘Golden Prospect Precious Metals Limited Ord Shs 0.1P’ returned a massive 77.5%.  The ‘JPMorgan Smaller Companies IT plc Ord 5P’ in 2nd place returned 67.5% and in 3rd place the ‘BlackRock Throgmorton Trust PLC’ grew by 60.5%. See the full list at

Best Investment Trusts 2019

When we look for top performing funds we tend to use Trustnet. It’s easy to find the list of best performing Investment trusts. There are other platforms for this kind of data. Click on Annual performance and then sort by 2019.

It’s easy to look at a table like this as an investor and start to think big. However, with a slightly closer look it’s easy to see why we shouldn’t all be jumping on the high performance band wagon.

If we delve into the ‘Golden Prospect Precious Metals Limited Ord Shs 0.1P’ history just a little we can see that in 2018 it returned -44.%.

If you click through on Trustnet to the profile we can see past growth. If we had invested in this fund 5 years ago including the 2019 results the fund would now be valued 11.5% above and in 3 years it’s actually down 25.4%.

If we look at the 2nd top performer ‘JPMorgan Smaller Companies IT plc Ord 5P’ the history is quite different. In the same 5 year period it has shown growth of 133.6%.

Firstly we must state that past performance is in no way a completely reliable indicator of future performance and there are many arguments towards buying into recent performance as a momentum strategy.

If you do want to rank the investment trusts by the previous years cumulative performance you can click on the fund overview tab and sort by 1, 3 or 5 years.

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