Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Best Free Stock Screeners for UK Companies

If you are looking to purchase shares in UK companies and are unfamiliar with stock screeners, then you are in for a treat. A stock screener will basically allow you to filter stocks by their stats. You can often filter by general segmentation such as market, industry and country, filter by fundamental stats such as dividend yields and earnings, and technical stats such as moving averages and relative strength indicators.

Many of the free stock screeners offer similar ish reports, the best free stock screener may differ as to your needs. There are also quite a few stock screeners that give free trials for usually around 2 weeks. We aren’t going to discuss these in this article.

You will also find a few familiar names not included on our list such as finviz and zacks simply because at the time of writing they do not offer the filters on a comprehensive list of UK stocks (ie Stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange)

Investing.com Free Stock Screener

This is probably our favourite screener. It has an indepth list of fundamental and technical criteria. You can filter with ratios to find both value and growth shares and check a companies debt. It has a user-friendly scroll to adjust your filters. Under Top Screens you will find such screens as ‘undervalued stocks’ and ‘fast growing companies’. You can also download your results into Excel.

Negatives: You can’t run the screen for all countries at once. If you want to look for companies outside of the UK, there are plenty of options, but you are going to have to run the report each time. Some stats lead the screener to show zero results when there probably should be some, this is probably due to a lack of data for this stat.

ADVFN Free Stock Screener

To get to the ADVFN screener just click on the ‘Toplists’ menu button. Here you have 3 options. To access the Free toplists and FilterX toplists you just need to register for free. To use the screener though just click on one of the FilterX toplists such as ‘Value Investor’ or ‘Dividend earner’. Once you’re in this section you can start a new screener, choosing columns from hundreds of filters and save your screeners. You can also export your results to a CSV.

Negatives: Perhaps not quite as user-friendly as others, but once you play around you get the hang of it. If you start adding your own columns though you can’t pick filter values for this. Obviously, you can juts download  to a CSV and run your own filter. It also only seems to have the option to screen  UK stocks.

Yahoo Finance Free Stock Screener

A very popular and easy to use screener with loads of filters including Environmental & Social scores. Stock data is available for many countries. A heatmap view is also an interesting addition.

Negatives: This can’t make the top of list, purely because you can’t export the data to a CSV.  

TradingView Free Stock Screener

There are loads of filters on this screener and it works for many countries across the globe, inlcudinh the UK market. There is a large number of technical screeners, many of which most people have never even heard of. There are some useful prebuilt screeners such as top gainers.

Negatives: You can’t filter by some key figures such as earnings growth. You also can’t export the reports unless you pay for a plan.

msn money Free Stock Screener

This is a fairly easy to use and basic global screener. There are a few popular screens such as bargain stocks and tech giants.

Negatives: There are a few screens we’d like to see in addition such as EPS growth and if you like technical indicator screens there could be more. You also can’t export this report to a CSV.