Friday, June 21, 2024
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Best Free Stock Screeners for Investing in US Stocks

There are over 5,000 stocks listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ, so finding a good stock screener to filter stocks by your favourite criteria is a huge helping hand for any investor.

There are good stock screeners that give free trials for usually around 2 weeks and then become a subscription. However, in this article we are only going to look at ones that in our opinion are the best free stock screeners for Investing in US Stocks.

Yahoo Finance

A popular and easy to use free screener. You can screen equities, mutual funds, ETFs, Futures & indices.

It has loads of filters including usual share statistics and valuation measures plus some different measures such as Environmental & Social scores. Stock data is available for many countries which can be filtered at the same time. A heatmap view is also an interesting addition.  

Screeners can also be saved and used again.

Negatives: Unfortunately you can’t download the data which makes it difficult for record keeping and further research.


This free stock screen is definitely one of our favourite screeners.

You can filter across countries, exchanges, industries and equity types to start. It has an indepth list of fundamental and technical criteria. There are sites with more criteria, but for most investors this is enough.  It also has top screens for ideas.

It has a user-friendly scroll to adjust your filters. You can also download your results into Excel, which is a huge positive.  


Some stats lead the screener to show no or reduced results when there probably should be, this is probably due to a lack of data for this stat. So be careful with this.


Mainly aimed at short term traders, but it’s also a great screener for investors.

There are loads of filters on this screener and it works for many countries across the globe, including the US market. There is a large number of technical screeners, many of which most people have never even heard of. There are some useful prebuilt screeners such as top gainers.

Negatives: You can’t filter by some key financial figures such as earnings growth. You also can’t export the reports unless you pay or do a free trial.


Finviz is a hugely popular site with a really good screener, it’s well laid out easy to use. It’s particularly popular with traders, but great for investors too.

There is a pretty good selection of filters which will be enough for most investors as a preliminary screen.

Once you’ve run the filter, it’s really great for flicking between different tabs such as valuation, charts and news.

Negatives: You also can’t export the reports unless you subscribe to FINVIZ*Elite.

 In terms of fundamental filters, there aren’t as many as other screeners and the actual numbers within the filters are fixed and not inputted manually.

To summarise, we have highlighted 4 of the best free stock screeners for Investing in US Stocks and indeed global stocks. The best will probably come down to personal preference. Hope you’ve found this useful and let us know if you have any thoughts.